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POS/POP materials and products

Phone: +420 573 034 165
Mobile: +420 602 554 535
E-mail: info@paketo.one
Web: www.paketo.one

G.N.P. spol. s r.o.

Industrial packaging, cardboard, pasteboard and packaging

Company ID: 633 19 926

Company headquarters
Dolní Jasenka 279, 755 01 Vsetín

Warehouse and production
Bobrky 2158, 755 01 Vsetín

Phone: +420 571 411 735
E-mail: gnp@gnp.cz
Web: www.gnp.cz


E-shop with boxes and packaging material

Phone: +420 576 510 074 (customers helpline)
E-mail: info@paketo.cz
Web: www.paketo.cz