Large format printing

Large print with partial varnish

Large-format printing in photographic quality, lacquered or laminated

For the production of your order we always use the latest technologies available on the market. That is why we have added a new team member - EFI VUTEk GS2000 LX Pro, which makes our print even better than ever.

We also offer the option of a partial varnish that will give printed products greater attractiveness and exclusivity.

So what can we offer you?

- Digital photo printing,

- production from small series,

- possibility of varnishing (even partially) or lamination (glossy, matt),

- print width up to 2000 mm,

- 8-color color printing (CMYK + lightCMYK) + white + lacquer,

- Print resolution up to 1000 dpi,

- print point size of 7 pl.

Large-format printing is used mainly for printing cartons, posters, billboards, banners, car stickers, floor graphics, etc.

We can print high quality on the following materials:

- corrugated cardboard

- carton honeycomb

- paper

- stickers

- foil

- other materials suitable for large-scale printing.

Contact us and make sure that you can make promotional materials with quality prints and finishes exactly as you wish. We will be happy to advise you.

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