POS floor displays

Free standing display units

Promote your products and attract customers.

Floor displays are freely standing sale displays for goods.

Generally, these items are used for the support and increase of sales, advertising activities, the introduction of new products to the market and improving the perception of a brand at a sales point. Interesting and eye-catching displays allow a brand to differentiate itself from its competitors and support sales.

Items made of cardboard and pasteboard are light and yet can also be used for heavier products. Full-color large-scale printing in photographic quality is a matter of fact and makes displays even more attractive. The vast majority of displays are supplied in a disassembled, "flat" state and can be easily assembled at the sales point. They can also be fully recycled after they expire.

Benefits of cardboard POS/POP

Increase sales thanks to increased visibility of the product, attract the attention of buyers, increase brand awareness at the sales point, reduce costs for transportation and storage – supplied in a flat disassembled form, reduce installation demands, 100% recyclable, made of renewable resources.

We will be happy to prepare an individualized solution based on your needs.

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