Materials and technology

Cardboard, pasteboard and paper

Practical, convenient and 100% recyclable.

We focus on the production of POS/POP materials from cardboard, pasteboard and paper. Thanks to our collaboration with many major European and global producers, we have access to a very wide range of materials. We use multi-layer pasteboard, cardboard and paper of various weights and surface treatments. We also develop some ourselves, and have them produced exclusively for our own use.

21 years of experience guarantees that we will always choose the most suitable materials and processing for your order.


A wide range of processing options, with photographic quality large-format printing.

According to the ordered quantity and other product requirements, we will choose the appropriate production technology which always guarantees perfect results for a low price.

We approach every customer individually with regard to their requirements and technological capabilities, so that the resulting product satisfies their vision. The size of the order is not important.

We have our own highly flexible development and construction team. We use the latest leading software for the design, construction and visualization of POS/POP materials, packaging, samples and other cardboard and pasteboard products.

For high-volume orders, we use the latest offset printing and flexi-printing technology.

For small orders, we have the latest machines available, which enable direct digital printing and other types of processing. Thanks to this technology, the customer does not have to additionally invest in the production of printing plates and cutting tools. In this way, we can produce even very small volumes at a low price.

We print and process a wide range of large-format board materials. The resulting POS/POP products and packaging are of a very high quality. Depending on the material used, they are suitable for use mainly in interiors, but exterior use is not uncommon either.