Who we are?

G.N.P. spol. s r.o.

A traditional supplier of pasteboard and cardboard, boxes and packaging made of corrugated cardboard.

G.N.P spol. s r. o. was founded in 1995. Since the beginning of its operation on the Czech market and as the representative and logistics partner of Mosburger GmbH, the leading Austrian manufacturer of corrugated cardboard and cardboard products, we began successfully cooperating with a range of Czech companies for which we supply various types of cardboard products and packaging. Our customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia include companies from nearly all industrial areas.

Our advantages:

  • professionalism
  • flexibility, a customer-centric and individualized approach
  • ability to find non-traditional solutions
  • direct participation of the company owner in management
  • 20 years of experience in the area of production, processing and distribution of various types of cardboard, pasteboard and cardboard products
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1995 - 2015: 20 years of operations in the Czech rep.
20 years of experience with cardboards, pasteboards and packaging materials supply.


A Czech manufacturer of cardboard POS/POP products.

We have a specialized team focusing on the development and production of cardboard POS/POP products. We emphasize professionalism and quality of products, regardless of the size of the order. We can provide the same care and final quality of production for a customer that orders thousands of pieces and one that orders a single piece.

Large-scale serial production utilizes traditional industrial technology, while for small series, single-piece orders and samples we have technology that allows excellent results for the processing of cardboard and pasteboard including printing in photographic quality. In 2015, we opened a new production-warehouse facility with high production capacity.

If you are enquiring regarding any POS/POP materials made of cardboard and pasteboard, you're on the right place.

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Professionalism, quality and an individual approach to customers – thousands of pieces as well as small orders. At paketo.one, we are always ready to meet your needs.


An e-shop with packagings and packaging materials.

The best supplied eshop with packaging material and boxes. Traditional industrial, large-series production is limited especially due to their requirements on minimum production volumes. To be able to also satisfy the needs of some of our customers who require smaller orders, which basically cannot be handled by large-capacity industrial techniques, we created PAKETO.CZ/SK eshop offering a wide range of boxes and packaging which are ready and available at our warehouse for immediate expedition, even in case of very small orders. We also expanded our portfolio of supplied products and packaging materials.

An e-shop with a very wide range of large and small boxes, packaging and packaging materials, cardboard and pasteboard. Take a look.

We can flexible react to the needs of our customers for individual adjustments of construction, dimensions, design or printing of custom graphics for our supplied cardboard products, even in case of very small volumes. Paketo.cz is not just an eshop but also a manufacturer and supplier of individualized cardboard products of very high quality even in very small volumes. Didn't find what you need? No problem, we will be happy to prepare an individual offer or expand our current portfolio only for you.

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